Thursday, May 8, 2008

=== @ The 9th Question @ === [ㅠ.ㅠ (sobing) this is the last Q...]

I have my own motto or principle in life ;

"Once something is in my charge, I should do my best at any cost"

I mean, on the whole, I'm considerably responsible and sincere in my job. I have thought it is the best policy in handling the task which I should cope with everyday especially in my workplace. Sometimes I found myself forced tons of overwhelming work because I usually accept what is given to me without any special opposition or complaints. If I think I could cope with them, I try to do my best in spite of some burden. But very often nowadays many people, especially young coworkers want to avoid hard work and pass the buck to others if possible. They look very cunning and selfish in many respects. What is more, they lead a comfortable and easy life at the workplace through their strong and sometimes impolite opinions and complaints which are accepted by others. Actually in many cases other coworkers, especially good-natured ones, should take the burden and have a hard time with too much work because of those unfaithful grumblers.

Q : Do you agree that we should claim our rights strongly and show our complaints any time in that "the squeaky wheel gets all the grease"?

Monday, April 28, 2008

== @ The 8th Question @ ==

Even though the world is turning into such a hectic and selfish space,
it looks like there are still a lot of people who refuse to give the needed the cold shoulder.
They are willing to take a risk to rescue people from danger, even sacrificing themselves.
Whenever I heard it, I was so impressed with their courageous behaviors.
And I regain the meaningfulness of life with others in the world.
We who have so far been taught to give our hands to those who are in hazard
- when we sense that our life could be also threatened despite our good will-
hesitate...have a second thought....and give up in helping others.
We can't be blamed for that 'cause it is a natural basic instinct.
Still, we feel ashamed of ourselves about our timid reaction.
That's why those brave people are at issue and are paid considerable attention and respect.
Now, ^^

Q : If you happened to see a girl or child being threatened by a bad guy for money in a dard alley, would you try to help him or her?(He looks much stronger than you but you are the only hope for the poor girl or child)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

== @ The 7th Question @ ==:Who would dare to answer this???^^

As you know,
all of you guys are married except Eunju and me in our class.
And I don't think and believe that your current spouse might be your first love.
Acutally when people talk about their first love,
it looks like they have special sweet feelings about it.
And sometimes they-especially men- cherish it deep in their heart, I heard ^^
I am not saying your first love means much bigger than the current one.
Perhaps you might be caring for your spouse
and might feel that you couldn't live without her or him.

Q : What would you do if you encountered your first love face to face and he or she wanted to talk to you for a while when you were shopping with your spouse? And do you still "love" your husband or wife?(*^^*pls be honest!! And, as you know, 'love' is different from the feeling of "like")

Monday, April 14, 2008

=== @ The 6th Question @===

It is so hard to risist the temptation
of so many beautiful blossoms and sweet scents outside.
Nothing seems to be more refreshing and enchanting than Nature(^^;;).
But you know what?
I can also find the fabulous charming things inside.
Go to the department stores~!
We can easily find so many exquisite and lovely things there.
Especially women's clothings...
With such sunny bright colors, vibrantly-printed designs, fragilely thin cloth
and gorgeous details...
I can't keep my eyes off those clothings.
I am usually very careful at choosing and buying goods.
But sometimes I buy things impulsively like others sometimes do.
So, the best policy to save moneymight be not to go to department stores ^^. kk..
Last year we so many times heard of the newly coined word, "jiruemshin"
(the Korean slang word jiruem really in fads among youngsters for the English word "buy ", plus the Korean word shin for "spirit")
Many people, especially youngsters and very often females...^^;;;
, are caught in "the advent of Jiruemshin".
Now, I want to get to the point.

Q : Suppose your husband or wife is such an easy victim of "compulsive purchase",
regardless of what the items are.
He or she can't surpress his or her desire to buy something.
How will you help or force your spouse
to break such a chronic habit of his or hers?

Monday, April 7, 2008

==== Fifth Question =====

Life is full of pleasure and sadness.
Fortunately in a sense and unfortunately in another sense,
both don't continue forever,
I mean, we know either ends in the time of duty,
and they take turns sporadically and unexpectedly.
That's why we keep going like this, perhaps with curiosity, expectation and hope.
Nevertheless, sometimes it appears to be so overwhelming that we feel desperate.
At that moment we on and off pray for finding out the breakthrough
or the best way to work out the tricky situation,
in spite of ourselves regardless of our religion.
On the other hand, if we have a strong desire for something,
at the moment we also pray for the achievment.
In either case, we are anxious for something earnestly.
Now, here's my question.

Q : There is something that you strongly desire to achieve or get but that realistically looks out of your reach. At that moment you are suggested that you would get what you want if you gave up 5 or 10 years out of the rest of your life. Would you trade in your 5 or 10 years?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fourth Question

I'm a Roman catholic. So, I'm supposed not to believe in any superstitional thing, regardless of pious sincerity in my religion. And actually I oppose the groundless false belief. However, as you know, sometimes we are affected by that kind of ridiculous thing in spite of ourselves. I went to fortune-teller with my close co-workers a few times-of course, for fun^^. At the moment when I heard of some things from her, I was actually ignoring that in my mind, contrary to my seemingly obdedient attitude toward the fortune-teller. The funny thing is that when I face the similar situation to what she mentioned, I sometimes found myself conscious of what she said. Fortunately, I didn't care about it that much. But we can see many people, especially the elder, easily accept the fortune-telling and make important decisions according to it.

Q : If you heard bad prediction about your future from a fortune-teller, would you accept what she said and follow her advice or reject it and do on your own?

Monday, March 24, 2008

★≡≡ The Third Question ≡≡★ : sports

I really enjoyed swimming before. I had never spent a day without swimming almost for 4 years till 2004. People around me would refer to me as 'sportholic'^^;;. I was willing to accept this kind of comment because I really was so. It vitalized me fully and enabled me to feel confident and happy about my health. Now I'm getting lazy and not ardent in sparing my time for workout with so many excuses... However, I still sense my enthusiasm and desire to exercise, which will lead me to swimming pool sooner or later.^^.

Q: Which sport do you think you are good at most?